Online Associate Degree

An online associate degree, which generally takes 2 years to earn, is the most popular type of degree for students to earn online. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over half of all degrees earned online are associate degrees. Accredited online associate degree programs, which traditionally require 60 semester credit hours of courses, consist of general education requirements, major-related requirements and electives. In a top associate degree online program, you can expect to gain a solid introduction to your chosen field of study.

Associate degrees online can serve as an entry-point into the workforce or college. Many graduates with online associate degrees continue their education to earn a bachelors degree, which typically takes another 2 years. Others use their online associate degree to boost their career opportunities.

Browse through our detailed listing on the various accredited online associate degree program available in the US.

Individuals who want a fast introduction to a valuable career field should consider an online associate’s in accounting, which teaches the basic theories and methods used in business accounting or bookkeeping in less time than a bachelors degree. Some of the concepts covered in an online accounting associate degree program include general ledgers, journal entries, balance sheets, and capital assets. Students seeking an online accounting associate degree learn how to prepare financial statements and taxes for different corporate structures, and graduates are qualified for entry-level work as business accountants, company bookkeepers, or tax preparers.
In order to perform efficiently and effectively in today’s competitive business market, individuals must have a wide range of skills and solid management knowledge. An online associate in administrative office management provides students with these valuable tools through classes on software skills, database management, accounting, and communication strategies that address changing business needs. Students in an administrative office management associate’s degree program receive both certification and proficiency in office technology and practices that are essential for a successful career.
Students who decide to pursue an online associate degree programs in building information modeling educate become skilled in the design of different types of building projects in less time than a bachelor’s degree. The coursework of an online associate in building information modeling includes design courses in architecture, construction, and engineering. Students learn about how to use computer based tools to design three dimensional renderings of their projects. Some of the best online schools also offers courses in project management, allowing associate’s degree holders to find work as building model designers, building design managers, or physical construction.
For individuals who want to jump start their career, an online associate’s in business administration provides training in the communication and critical thinking skills necessary in the business management field in a short two-year program. An online business administration associate’s degree program often offers courses that explore foundational theory, application of word processing, business law and administration, and financial planning. Businesses seek educated employees with dedication and knowledge, and an associate degree can help individuals find entry-level or management positions.
A career in the dynamic fields of journalism, media, advertising, and public relations often all begin with a degree in communication. An online associate in communications prepares students be training them to examine different media outlets such as television, print, and the internet. Core curriculum for a communication associate degree online includes topics such as interpersonal communication, mass communication, color psychology, and linguistics of slang. These courses include discussions of conflict management, ethics, culture, and media history.
A good computer science associate’s degree online is the perfect first-step for students with an interest in working for major computer companies. A student who graduates with an online associate in computer science will have the ability to write basic computer programs, manage computer data, and troubleshoot malfunctioning computer programs, making them eligible for computer program repair jobs and further study in computer science.
Motivated individuals with good computer and analytical skills and an interest in computer technology can often find a quick jump start to their career an online associate’s degree. Online associate degrees in computer technology teach students the skills that are necessary to be successful business people in today’s computer-based society in less time than a traditional bachelor’s degree. Students in an online associate in computer technology program learn how to keep wired and wireless computer systems in good working order on a hardware and programming level. Courses also train students learn to build, install, service, and maintain computer systems and their components.
Individuals with interest in working with young children can benefit from an online associate degree program in early childhood development, which teaches the theory and practical strategies of effective childcare. An online early childhood development associate’s program provides courses in child growth and development, child psychology, methods of early childhood education, and infant and toddler care. Students finish the program fully prepared to work with both children and parents in daycare, preschools, and counseling as they work on monitoring and modifying children’s early development.
General studies covers a wide variety of liberal arts subjects, and an associate’s degree in general studies prepares students for a wide variety of careers by developing writing skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills. An online general studies associate’s degree requires students to take a range of courses that provide a basic understanding in multiple areas, such as science, math, and humanities. The broad-based degree provides a basis for many different career opportunities or continued education in a chosen subject area.
One of the key features of an online associate of graphic design degree program is designed to present an overview of the technical aspects of graphic and multimedia design. Students receive practical instruction in design theory and liberal arts classes, with basics in computer graphics, illustration, digital media, and web publishing. Graduates of graphic design associate’s degree programs can take advantage of the growing multimedia industry in advertising companies, public relations firms, website design, or freelance graphic design work.
Leadership skills and the ability to multitask are useful for a student pursuing an online associate’s of health care administration degree. The overarching theme of a healthcare administration associate’s degree is how to handle the business aspects of a healthcare facility, and specific courses cover the details, such as hospital administration, health information, marketing, human services, and personnel management. With an associate’s in health care administration, individuals can find entry-level work in hospitals, clinics, and outpatient health services.
Using medical technology requires knowledgeable, ethical specialists trained to handle and organize sensitive information behind the scenes of patient care. Top online associate in health information technology programs prepare students to facilitate computer-based recording, storage, and transfer of patients’ medical records and charts between hospitals and medical clinics. An online associate in health information technology is good for students interested in medical administration and technology rather than practical patient care.
Students earning an online associate in healthcare reimbursement will develop a specialized knowledge of the health care financial system, qualifying them to work in high-demand clerical positions for health care organizations. Classes typically include hands-on experience with relative computer and information systems. Those enrolled in an online healthcare reimbursement associate degree program will also take courses covering the health insurance system, medical coding and billing techniques, medical terminology, and data management.
Students who are interested in how to recognize, avert, and manage threats to safety may be good candidates for accredited online associate in homeland security degree programs, which focus on threats to health and safety and train students for a career in homeland security. An online associate in homeland security prepares the student to work in a number of roles protecting the public and dealing with natural disasters and terrorist attacks, such as border patrol, pre-flight security, and investigation. Students enrolled in homeland security associate degree programs learn principles of emergency management along with risk assessment and organizational leadership.
An online associate’s in human resources provides an education that allows a student to examine organizational behavior and the principles of human resources management as well as the fundamental components of management. An online associate’s degree in human resources equips a student with strategies to attract, motivate, manage, and maintain quality employees and an efficient workforce. Courses include negotiation techniques, interviewing skills, motivation strategies, and team building exercises, designed to train students to be effective human resource representatives. Individuals with an online human resources associate degree can find entry-level work in most companies and organizations.
An online associate’s in information technology will provide graduates with the necessary skills and expertise for a position in any IT department. Curriculum in online information technology associate’s degree programs includes coursework covering online and in-house digital security, network architecture, software site license management, database administration, secure information backup, and more. Students will be prepared to provide professional, competent IT support in any private or public organization, or as independent consultants.
An online associate’s in legal studies familiarizes graduates with the legal system and justice administration in preparation for careers in a number of legal fields. Curriculum includes courses on legal history, constitutional interpretation, state and federal law, courtroom procedures, and legal research. Completing a legal studies associate’s degree program online qualifies graduates for support roles in law offices, courthouses, or legal archives.
Earning an online associate’s in marketing provides graduates with the skills necessary to begin a career in marketing in any industry, or can supplement established business professionals’ existing expertise. Curriculum in online marketing associate’s degree programs includes courses covering demographic research, market analysis, advertising art, focus group testing, coordinated market campaigning, and online advertising using blogs and social media.
An online associate’s in mechanical engineering will prepare students for careers in a vast array of fields, including manufacturing and industrial fabrication, industrial and corporate construction, industrial engineering, aeronautics, and automotive engineering. Curriculum in online mechanical engineering associate’s programs covers mathematics and material science, electrotechnology, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and more. Graduates may be qualified to pursue official licensing as professional engineers.
Medical coders work in doctor’s offices or hospitals to effectively organize, analyze, and code patient medical records according to diagnosis and treatment procedures. Earning an associate’s degree in medical billing and coding online qualifies graduates to perform this essential support function. Coursework for an online associate’s in medical billing and insurance coding focuses on ethical record keeping, the structure of the modern health care system, and medical administration.
An online associate’s in medical transcription will provide students with the specialized skills and expertise necessary to transcribe dictated medical reports and manage medical files as professional medical transcriptionists. Curriculum in online medical transcription associate’s degree programs includes general coursework in the structure of the modern health care system, medical terminology, and anatomy and physiology supplemented by specialized training in the use of a medical transcriber and voice recognition software.
Whether students are considering work in digital information security, telecommunications, or web development, an online associate’s in network systems administration can be the first step toward a professional career. Curriculum in online network systems administration associate’s degree programs includes classes in network architecture, router setup, cross-platform compatibility, software site license administration, online and in-house security protocol, and digital voice traffic.
Every law office and legal firm in every branch and subfield of the law constantly requires considerable research, document preparation, file management, and many other specialized tasks. An online associate’s in paralegal studies qualifies graduates to carry out these essential support functions. Online paralegal studies associate’s programs provide training in the structure of state and federal courts, legal language, legal documentation and file management, and legal research.
An online sports management associate’s degree program focuses on developing the skills of marketing, negotiating, event planning, and interpersonal communication that are commonly necessary in managing athletes, sports teams, or sporting event venues. In earning an online associate’s in sports management, students will take courses such as sports psychology, business management principles, strategies of sports marketing, economics, and contract law to prepare them for careers in the athletic management arena.